Kudos / Testimonials

I just thought I’d pass along something that my son said.  He had an interview at school tonight for a mentor group he is trying out for.  They commented on how he did not seem nervous at all.  He told me he thought he did really well, that he “looked them in the eye, shook their hand, sat up straight”.  He told me he learned all that in Cotillion!  So, as much as I would like to take credit for that, I guess I should thank you for being such a good teacher!

Last night we realized that every penny spent on Cotillion was worth it.    We went to the induction ceremony for National Junior Honor Society and our daughter was seated on the front row in a dress.  It was a relief that in front of a gymnasium full of parents, she sat properly.  Not all of the girls did.

Both of my children have greatly benefited from their experience in Junior Cotillion.  You are a wonderful teacher and an excellent role model for all.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and wish you all the best!

Just a note to thank you for providing such a good experience via Cotillion for our “kids”.  My daughter looked forward to each session.  I applaud your efforts to expose young adults to manners, expectations, dancing, eating skills, etc.

I just wanted to let you know that my son is LOVING Cotillion and comes home full of information!  He absolutely loves it; looks forward to it; and I consider it money very well spent.  I cannot wait until my next boy is old enough!!

Thank you so much for all you do.  Your students do remember what they learn and my older boys have actually thanked me for the class.

I wish EVERY child in our city would get a chance to go through this.  As a teacher, I could see GREAT REWARDS if our children knew the things you are teaching.

My son is having a great time in these classes!  He wishes he had one every week!  Thank you very much for making this happen.

I’ve seldom been more impressed with any program that our son has been involved with.  Thank you for your excellent leadership.  He is having a really great time!

Our daughter absolutely loves attending your class, and I greatly enjoy the Cotillion Review sent out the following week!  Thank you for providing this opportunity for our youth to learn about social etiquette, ballroom dance and the self confidence that comes from knowing how to behave in social situations.  What a blessing you are to our community!

Just wanted to tell you that my son absolutely loved Cotillion.  In the car, he said, “Mom, I can’t wait till next week.”  I said, “No, it’s once a month.”  He was very disappointed.  It’s such a civilized way to have fun that even they can’t resist it.  Thank you.

This class was wonderful.  My son talked about it for two days and he is not really interested in girls.

This is fabulous!  My youngest daughter (who happens to be our biggest tomboy and was a bit reluctant to participate in Cotillion) came home with rave reviews of the evening.  She had an absolute blast!

My daughter had a wonderful time!  She told me you reminded her to look you in the eye when shaking your hand.  Thank you so much!  Your words mean more than something she hears from me day in and day out.

I thank you for all of the hard work you continue to put into the lifelong lessons that you share with our children.  Both my daughter and son informed our ten year old the other night that she really needs to go to Cotillion classes.

I just wanted to share with you how much our daughter enjoyed the first class.  She tends to be on the shy side so I thought this might help.  I didn’t even imagine how much she would enjoy it.